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Hassans launches Mentorship Programme

Hassans has launched a formal mentorship programme to complement the firm’s existing team-based development of technical skills and professional skills. The mentorship programme will see 40 mentors paired with 40 mentees from separate departments and across levels of seniority within the law firm, working together to develop the mentees’ confidence, skills and knowledge, supporting their personal and career progression and helping them to perform at their highest level.

The firm’s Associates Board, consisting of Meera Aswani, Gian Massetti, David Montegriffo and Chloe Oppenheimer Fa, worked together to develop the structured framework which dovetails with the firm’s existing appraisal, coaching, learning and feedback processes.

During the launch sessions, Hassans’ COO Mark Okes-Voysey, Partner Ian Felice and Senior Associate Tania Rahmany outlined their experiences as mentors and/or mentees during their careers and the importance of having such support, outside of the direct team and team leaders. The mentors also received invaluable insights from Kerstin Andlaw, an Executive, Leadership and Systemic Team Coach who works with global entities specialising in developing leaders, to help them further understand the responsibility and potential impact a mentor can have.

Hassans’ COO Mark Okes-Voysey summarised the 360° benefits of the new progamme:

“From personal experience, mentorships programmes are invaluable in shaping careers of young professionals, As well as benefitting from a mentor during my own career, I have been fortunate to provide guidance to several mentees and take huge pleasure in observing their successes. We are excited to see the programme develop and celebrate the successes of both the mentors and mentees.”

The Associate Board further explained:

“This new programme demonstrates the firm’s commitment to the learning and professional development of its lawyers. We are fortunate to be working at Hassans with talented lawyers who excel in their respective fields. Although we have had the benefit of a number of mentors informally in our careers, as we are a large firm, the new mentorship programme will provide a formal structure for mentees to be provided with the benefit of insights from mentors from different practice areas across the firm and will benefit the mentors by strengthening their own listening and coaching skills.”

 Javier Chincotta, Managing Partner, Hassans commented:

Whilst our firm is underpinned by an ongoing focus on coaching and development, this formal mentoring framework, which has been thoughtfully crafted by our Associate Board, will ensure that our lawyers have every opportunity to continue to develop and advance to the next level.

 I speak on behalf of the firm’s Management Board in saying that we are extremely impressed with the programme, both in terms of overall content and attention to detail, as well as the tangible results it is expected to deliver.

Providing opportunities for our people to develop is imperative in order to safeguard their future success as well as that of the firm, and to continue delivering a first-class service to our clients.”