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Company Management

Hassans, in association with Line Group, assists our clients in the incorporation of Gibraltar and international companies and other business entities in Gibraltar.

As a full service law firm, we are able to offer a complete range of legal advisory services in connection with the establishment of Gibraltar companies, bodies, corporate/business entities, some examples of which are set out below.  Our commercial, tax, property and licensing teams in gaming and financial services are a few of the many dedicated teams that can assist you and your business to achieve your goals. Also, see our Insights post on setting up a business in Gibraltar.

Accounting Services

Companies and other entities in Gibraltar are subject to various accounting and tax filing requirements. Hassans, in association with Line Group, offers the complete service in this regard, allowing you to choose which elements we assist you with. Our service enables you to choose from specific services to outsourcing your accounting needs. We also offer complete startup incorporation and accounting service packages that we will be happy to discuss.  For more information visit our Accounting Services page or contact us today.

Companies in Gibraltar

Gibraltar companies offer a number of benefits in terms of flexibility, choice and speed to market. Gibraltar’s legal system is based on the common law of England & Wales, providing clients and professional intermediaries with reliability, efficiency and certainty of law.

Hassans, in association with Line Group Limited, offers a full range of company incorporation services in Gibraltar. We advise clients in respect of the form of incorporation best suited to the clients’ needs. There are a number of options for incorporation in Gibraltar, most of which are highlighted below and further explored in the relevant expertise pages on our site, links to which you will find on this page.

Other forms of bodies corporate/business entities in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a sophisticated and specialist onshore finance centre which offers a variety of options when it comes to incorporating for business or structuring purposes.  We are able to advise clients and professional intermediaries in relation to all of the following options, and provide further information relating to them in their respective pages, links to which you will find below.


Partnerships are an unincorporated and common form of business arrangement which can be simple to set up but requires commercial and expert legal advice to establish in a manner that best protects the business and the partners’ interests.

Hassans can assist in the formation of a range of business types, including General Partnerships. From the drafting of partnership agreements, to preparing and filing the proper paperwork with Companies House, as well as general legal advice and tax advice, we are here to help you every step of the way to help your business prosper.

Click here to read more about Gibraltar Partnerships.

Limited Partnerships

A Limited Partnership is a form of partnership that, under Gibraltar Law, offers a series of advantages which may be desirable in specific circumstances. The governing legislation for Gibraltar Limited Partnerships is the Limited Partnerships Act 1927.

We can advise and assist on the formation of Limited Partnerships in Gibraltar, from drafting partnership agreements and other documents and registration with Companies House plus assistance with additional licensing, taking you step by step through the entire process.

Click here to read more about Gibraltar Limited Partnerships.

Limited Liability Partnerships

Limited Liability Partnerships are a special type of partnership whereby the General Partner, who takes the lead role in running the business, is liable for all the company’s debts, while Limited Partners are only liable for the amount they have invested. In this type of corporate structure the drafting of a proper partnership agreement is crucial. We can help you with this first and foremost if you wish as part of your overall company formation service.

Click here to read more about limited liability partnerships in Gibraltar.

Protected Cell Companies

A protected cell company is a special type of limited liability company, whereby individual cells are used as containers for particular assets. Gibraltar is widely recognised as one of the pioneers of, and global leaders in, the field of protected cell companies thanks, in no small part, to the ground-breaking efforts of the experts at Hassans. Our specialist team have considerable experience in the formation of protected cell companies in Gibraltar as well as other key jurisdictions worldwide, for a wide range of purposes, including the financial services and insurance industries.

Click here to read more about protected cell companies.

Other features of Gibraltar Company Law & Practice

Some of the advantages of doing business in Gibraltar stem from the centre’s ability to understand the needs of modern business and the demands placed on entrepreneurs and established businesses in the current business environment. To that end, Gibraltar has developed its offering over the years to offer advantages from a practical perspective, in addition to significant taxation benefits too.


At Hassans we have a dedicated team specialising in re-domiciliation in Gibraltar. We are able to advise and assist throughout the entire process, while also having the advantage of additional in-house expertise ranging from employment law to tax. We have also assisted various prominent companies, across multiple industries from insurance to gaming, in relocating to other jurisdictions.

Click here to read more about the practice of company re-domiciliation in Gibraltar.

Taxation of Companies in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Companies with income taxable in Gibraltar are taxed at a standard rate of 10%.  A higher rate of 20% applies to a limited category of companies such as utility, telecoms and petroleum companies abusing a market dominant position.  Tax is assessed on a territorial basis and, therefore, Gibraltar companies are taxed only on income accruing in, or derived from, activity in Gibraltar.

Click here to read more about corporate tax in Gibraltar.


Over the years Hassans has built a solid reputation both locally and internationally acting on Gibraltar Insolvency matters. Our experienced lawyers can advise on the best course of action specific to your needs so as to provide a swift and streamlined resolution to a range of insolvency and restructuring matters. We are experienced in the context of both contentious and non-contentious matters of insolvency having acted in a number of cross-border insolvency matters in recent years. In addition to having the resources of Gibraltar’s largest law firm behind you, by working with Hassans you also gain the advantage of our extensive global legal network of partners on cross-jurisdictional matters.

Read more about Insolvency.

Line Group Limited

In association with Line Group Limited, Hassans’ corporate services provider, we are able to offer a broad range of corporate management and incorporation services,  including registered office and secretarial services, directorship services, banking services and accounting assistance to individuals and corporate clients worldwide. In addition, we also provide company registration services in Gibraltar, plus 30 other jurisdictions globally through our extensive international network of service providers.


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