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Gibraltar Payroll Services

At Line Group, we offer an all-inclusive payroll management and processing package to help ease your payroll process.

Our dedicated team is experienced in running payroll for companies of all sizes and across many industries and can help support your business by offering the following services, which will be tailored to meet your specific requirements:

On a monthly basis:

• Calculation of employee net salaries in accordance with PAYE & Social Insurance regulations
• Provision of payroll reports by pre agreed date each month
• Issuance of individual payslips to your employees
• Assistance with monthly payment of PAYE & Social Insurance

On an annual basis:

• Assistance with the preparation and filing of year end employer returns with the tax office (P8, P10 and P12)
• Preparation of P7 forms for each employee at completion of tax year
• Preparation of ‘Hacienda’ Certificate of Declaration for employees who are Spanish resident
• Preparation and submission of annual government statistics survey
• Annual payroll reports for accounting purposes available upon request

On an ad-hoc basis:

• Registration of companies and employees at the Department of Employment (ETB) & the Income Tax Office
• Registration of detached workers
• Assistance with the application of work permits
• Preparation of personal tax returns and other tax forms
• Preparation of variations, vacancy and termination forms
• Preparation and submission of P7A forms for departing employees

Contact us today to find out more or visit the Line Group Website.

Payroll Services Team

Kathy Adamberry

Accounting Services Leader

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