Grahame is a Solicitor with the firm specialising in Tax. After leaving university with his first degree (reading English & Philosophy at Keele) in 1993 he ran his family’s printing business for nine years before moving to Gibraltar.

He joined our associated company management arm, Line Management Services Limited in 2002 as a Company Administrator, moving to Hassans in 2004 to work in the funds department. He began training to be a solicitor in 2004 attending the College of Law and Northumbria University. In 2020 he completed the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s Advanced Diploma in International Taxation.

Grahame worked in a high street firm in the North East of England between 2006 and 2008 and continues to manage structures with assets located across the North. His experience covers matters related to assets across Europe and the globe.

Grahame also believes that law firms and lawyers do not act in a vacuum and should ensure that their work and skills are used for the benefit of society as a whole. He acts for a number of charities in making representations to the Government of Gibraltar.

Grahame is a specialist in both domestic and international tax, working on numerous matters which have a tax element to them, but has experience of a wide range of matters including business law, personal taxation and residence etc. Some examples of his work include:

• Advising in respect of international transactions and the interaction of various tax jurisdictions;

• Advising in respect of the Gibraltar corporate aspects of the restructuring and refinance of a £100million portfolio of regional, industrial, office and retail and leisure assets across the UK;

• Advising a multi-billion pound property group in relation to the continuing maintenance of corporate structures and corporate governance in a tax setting;

• Advising various clients on the Gibraltar aspects of their businesses and the tax effects of their corporate structures;

• Advising in respect of major group restructures from a trust and tax law perspective;

• Providing assistance with relocation and business establishment for international financial institutions seeking to establish a presence in Gibraltar;

• Providing advice to a major international engine and energy manufacturer on the effects and procedures related to its presence in Gibraltar;

• Advising international groups on permanent establishment rules and the interaction of various multi-jurisdictional rules around income source and international treaties relating to double taxation; and

• Acting as director of various international groups.

Grahame is currently co-authoring a number of articles around the topics of international information exchange and the philosophy of tax, he has previously been published on matters relating to various legal entity forms in Gibraltar and their impact on taxability.