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Hassans launches the ‘Hassans Academy’

Hassans International Law Firm Limited is today launching the Hassans Academy.

The Academy has been developed to provide the highest level of training to Hassans’ trainees (fulfilling all Solicitors Regulation Authority requirements), associates and senior associates and will also be available to all partners, Hassans’ associated fiduciary arm, Line Group, and all support staff.

The Academy’s objective is to provide a continuous forum which includes structured sessions to increase knowledge, efficiencies in processes, motivation and engagement thereby reducing risk and employee dissatisfaction. The ultimate aim is to ensure workplace satisfaction and excellence resulting in continuity and consistency of service excellence to our current and future clients.

The Academy will follow the academic year, consisting of three trimesters, with each trimester providing soft skill and technical training sessions, discussion panels, sessions hosted by individuals in a Q&A format, and industry updates. The Academy will also include ‘Think Tank’ groups to encourage, promote and support new initiatives or tackle challenges that staff may be facing.

Matthew Torres, Senior Associate and Head of Academy Operations, explains:

“Our people are our biggest asset so ensuring that we invest our time and efforts in providing them with the best training and resources available is of utmost importance. Our broad curriculum and our industry leaders delivering the training will undoubtedly equip our professionals with the optimal knowledge and skills to develop not only themselves but also provide our clients with the best advice and quality service to cater for their needs, industries and future aspirations.”

Anthony Provasoli, Partner-in-charge of the Academy, adds:

“The key aim is to ensure that our professionals are equipped with an army of technical and soft skills which aid both their own career development and the delivery of the best possible service to our clients. It’s critical that this training starts from the very first day of a professional’s journey with the firm and continues throughout their career.

Hassans has a duty to upskill our professionals; exposing them to new concepts (information, techniques, technology) broadens minds and motivates. A significant part of the Academy will be its role as a continuous forum where the sharing of opportunities for the firm and our clients is encouraged and can be brought to fruition.”

In due course, Hassans will be inviting clients and intermediaries to join sessions that may be relevant. If you are interested in receiving details, please contact

Hassans Academy  Matthew Torres  Anthony Provasoli

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