Hassans’ FinTech Clients

Hassans advises many of the world’s the leading FinTech companies and have been instrumental in attracting some of the biggest cryptocurrency and blockchain-based brands and exchanges to Gibraltar, assisting with matters such as DLT Licence applications, ICOs and related areas.

The firm is ranked Tier 1 in the Chambers and Partners FinTech: Professional Advisers Guide 2018: “They are particularly well-versed in ICOs and in financial regulatory matters, acting for a number of leading entrepreneurs and FinTech companies.”

Featured Client Profiles

Below are five of our featured clients. If you click on one of the companies’ logos you can learn more about them. You can also read quotations about their experiences in Gibraltar and their relationship with Hassans.

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More Hassans FinTech Clients

As Gibraltar’s prominence in the field of FinTech grows, so, too, do the number of companies and investors interested in learning more about all that the Blockchain Rock has to offer. As the largest and most prominent firm in the jurisdiction, with a proven FinTech pedigree, Hassans is uniquely placed to meet that demand.

Below is just a selection of some of the companies which have been advised, or continues to be advised, by Hassans. The Hassans FinTech team are experts on a range of issues, including DLT Licence applications, token offerings, crypto fund formations and other matters pertaining to crypto/blockchain related businesses.



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The World’s Biggest Brands Choose Hassans

From low corporate tax rates to business-friendly regulation, an efficient legal and financial system, to world-class infrastructure – there are plenty of reasons why so many of the world’s biggest companies choose Gibraltar.

As the largest law firm in Gibraltar, who helped spark the genesis of the jurisdiction’s crypto industry, Hassans is the natural choice for anyone looking to establish a crypto-based business in Gibraltar.

Our firm advises on issues ranging from property and employment law to taxation. Our dedicated FinTech advisors, meanwhile, will work closely with you and your team, providing guidance on a broad range of issues such as establishing a business presence in Gibraltar, DLT Licence applications and ICO and Gibraltar’s upcoming token regulations.