Gibraltar Trusts & Fiduciary Services

Our Trust Department manages and administers all types of trusts including asset protection trusts, both in the private and commercial arena. The Trust team currently holds on trust assets under management worth in excess of $10 billion.

The services are structured through a number of professional trustees, licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar. The Trust Department is a direct beneficiary of Hassans’ 75 years of multi-jurisdictional expertise.

The team not only executes all the duties of a trustee, it is also able to structure the optimum trust vehicle to suit clients’ needs no matter how complex. For private clients, this can range from a discretionary trust to a fixed-interest or interest-in-possession trust or different combinations creating mixed trusts.

Commercial trust requirements can be even more sophisticated, with our experience extending to employee benefit trusts, share option schemes and personal pension plans. Line Trust Corporation Limited’s licence from the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar also covers the provision of asset protection trusts which are governed by their own specific legislation.

The management and administration of trusts is carried out by a dedicated and expert team at Line Group led by Director Raquel Moss and assisted by Wayne Fortunato, along with a number of valued specialist trust administrators. Every member of the team has either completed or is close to completing their Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) qualifications, underlining the depth and breadth of trust management knowledge within the unit.

Both Raquel and Wayne have been approved by the Regulator, and are able to share their legal knowledge, insight and expertise for the benefit of all our trust clients. The assets are held around the world and range from the simplest type of cash account, to equity portfolios, shares in private limited companies and regulated PLCs, commercial and residential property portfolios and works of art.

We are practised in seeking out the best source of professional advice on behalf of our clients. This often involves liaising with accountants, property surveyors, foreign lawyers and investment managers, as well as orchestrating timely collaboration between the different departments within Line Group, and with our legal colleagues at Hassans.

We have extensive expertise in setting up and running all kinds of trusts in Gibraltar for private and corporate clients around the world. We have a successful track record of delivery, based on sound advice and efficient execution.
For further details of the services that Line Trust Corporation Limited offers, please visit the Line Group website