Who does the UK Government owe all that money to? What happens if it devalues?

Who does the UK Government borrow its money from? This article from Economics Help shows us that back at the end of 2019 the figures showed 75% of borrowing was […]

Grahame Jackson
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Billionaire entrepreneur looks back on 16 years on the Rock

Ruth Parasol, a self-made billionaire businesswoman, marks her 16th anniversary on the Rock. In a rare interview with the Chronicle, she describes Gibraltar as the place she gravitates to for […]

Gibraltar – Gateway to the UK market

Despite the uncertainty of Brexit, the UK’s fintech industry has continued to grow which has led to a record amount of investment in UK fintechs. It is difficult to imagine […]

Blockchain: The Revolution that hasn’t quite happened yet

I consider Blockchain technology to be potentially as disruptive as the internet. Many crypto pundits have likened Bitcoin’s bull run in 2017 to the Dotcom Boom and Bust at the […]

COVID-19 economic ripple effects begin to materialise

Conventional wisdom has long dictated that if the American ecomomy sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. Now though, it is a very real, physical affliction which has […]

Strengthening professional ties between Gibraltar & London

Three weeks on from the formal departure by the United Kingdom and Gibraltar from the European Union, Gibraltar is building on the strong foundations of our specialist financial services offering […]

US Funds moving to Europe

Interesting to see that more and more US VCs are looking towards Europe.

Creating a bespoke licensing and regulatory regime for Medical Cannabis in Gibraltar

As more and more jurisdictions around the world are softening positions in respect of the medical uses of cannabis-based products, so too is Gibraltar poised to offer the environment from […]

The O shaped lawyer – people first, then lawyers

Whilst it is a given that lawyers will have technical competence in their area of practice, we have been encouraged to also develop commercial awareness in relation to our clients’ business […]

DAC 6 – Changes to reporting where professional secrecy applies

Interesting to note the intended practical approach by Luxembourg to seek to address tensions between compliance with DAC 6 reporting obligations in circumstances where professional secrecy rules may apply. It remains […]

Everything you need to know about Gibraltar’s crypto ecosystem

Gibraltar was the first mover, after New York introduced the BitLicense, to introduce bespoke legislation to regulate the blockchain and DLT space. Top firms such as eToro, Huobi, LMAX and […]

Gibraltar Gambling – proposed legislative and regulatory changes

Last week, HM Government of Gibraltar’s Gambling Division circulated their much anticipated consultation paper on the proposed amendments to the local licensing regime. The proposals will affect B2C and B2B […]

Challenging gender stereotypes

With International Women’s Day a few weeks away, it is inspirational to see women challenging gender stereotypes.


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