Client Profile: Token Market

Token Market is a market-leading crypto asset exchange program and provider of cryptocurrency related information and services.

The company is based in Gibraltar’s World Trade Center and allows customers to buy and trade digital assets and store them in a secure Token Market wallet. It also offers an extensive database on crypto assets, ideal for investors, as well as an “ICO Launchpad” service for organising crowdsales.

Token Market
“We believe that a key to the long-term success and growth of token sales will be to have the strongest possible consumer protection. An efficient, safe and risk-based regulatory framework is therefore good for the industry. TokenMarket, as a global leading advisor with 30 token sales under its belt, is pleased that our chosen home jurisdiction Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission are taking an international lead in the development of DLT regulation. Hassans International Law Firm’s comprehensive advice, combined with the well-communicated guidelines and rules provided by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, has made for an efficient and thorough DLT license application process.”

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The World’s Biggest Brands Choose Hassans

From low corporate tax rates to business-friendly regulation, an efficient legal and financial system, to world-class infrastructure – there are plenty of reasons why so many of the world’s biggest companies choose Gibraltar.

As the largest law firm in Gibraltar, who helped spark the genesis of the jurisdiction’s crypto industry, Hassans is the natural choice for anyone looking to establish a crypto-based business in Gibraltar.

Our firm advises on issues ranging from property and employment law to taxation. Our dedicated FinTech advisors, meanwhile, will work closely with you and your team, providing guidance on a broad range of issues such as establishing a business presence in Gibraltar, DLT Licence applications and ICO and Gibraltar’s upcoming token regulations.